Lost heirloom recovered in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

  • from Woodbridge Township (New Jersey, United States)

I’m guessing I’ve been more of a good luck charm lately than a ring finder. Either way, it suites me just fine, as long as the lost item is recovered. As they say in sports, “A win is a win”.  Lilly contacted me a few days back because she had lost her wedding band which was a family heirloom and had a lot of (obviously) sentimental value. This was an in-house search and these can be very tricky. Lilly was visiting friends in Vermont and traveled back home to New Jersey, when she realized the next day, that her ring was missing. This biggest concern was that she did not remember taking it off at no time, during the trip to and from Vermont.

She searched her usual area’s where she normally takes it off, to no avail. When I arrived, I started my search on a rather large hutch cabinet with many drawers that had many places a ring like this could hide. In the meantime, I offered Lilly my UV black light to use in the other places that she thought the ring could have been dropped or placed down. I would have to say within two minutes, she called out that she found it.

The UV light turned out to be the tool of choice for locating it. At least one of the diamonds in the ring glowed a “diamond fluorescence”, (the visible radiation emitted by certain substances as a result of incident radiation of a shorter wavelength such as with ultraviolet light). Making the ring quite easy to spot. As for me being a good luck charm? This was the third time a client found their lost item upon my arrival. Hey, I’ll take it any way it comes, as I stated earlier, “A win is a win”. Congratulations Lilly, on getting your lost ring back!

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