Recovered White Gold wedding band, Fanwood, NJ

  • from Woodbridge Township (New Jersey, United States)

On a rare perfect November weather day we set out to locate a lost white gold wedding ring.  I received a call from Chris’s mother earlier in the week, in which she was looking for ways to help her son find his lost wedding band. After she she came across the Ringfinders website, she reached out to me. It was early last spring that Chris was weeding and trimming the hedges in the rear of his yard, when he noticed that his wedding band was missing off of his finger. He and others searched relentlessly for the ring but came up empty handed. We made arraignments to meet him this Saturday morning to try and locate it. After about a little over an hour, my Wife Karen yelled out that she had found it. Ironically, she found it in the very first spot that I had started the search, which was amazing in itself. My wife and I make a great tag team in locating lost items, and I would have to say, she’s got the better of me as of now. I guess this is turning more into a friendly game of “competition” and I will have to remember to slow down on our next recovery attempt. In the end, another happy and relieved client. The best part of this is knowing you could be remembered and brought up in a complete stranger’s conversation, for many year’s to come. We love what we do and can’t wait for the next adventure.