Recovered Platinum Wedding Ring, Belle Meade, NJ

  • from Woodbridge Township (New Jersey, United States)

I received an email from a New York man who had lost his Platinum wedding ring. When I was finally able to make contact with Lap, he had told me he was at his mother-in-laws house, in Belle Meade, NJ, swimming in the pool and throwing a ball around. On one particular toss, he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger, heard it hit the concrete pool patio and disappear in the tall sea grass and landscape that was beautifully manicured around the pool. After a relentless search, Lap purchased a metal detector of his own to locate his ring. When this also failed, he called me from the ring finders website to help search for his ring. When my wife and I arrived, he had showed us the spot he thought the ring was lost. Ironically, as we were setting up our gear to start the search and walking back to the area, we heard a promising exclamation of joy (I won’t repeat it here…LOL), but it was a joyous exclamation, nonetheless. Lap had found his own ring before we even had a chance to swing the detectors. This is my second call out in a row, where the owner found their own lost item. Needless to say, he was happy and we were very happy for him. No matter how it gets recovered, the bottom line is that it was found. 

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