Lost Platinum ring in Scotch Plains, NJ, Recovered

  • from Woodbridge Township (New Jersey, United States)


Got a call from ‘Lou’ who found my name through the ‘Ringfinders’ website. He was tilling the front of his house and realized that his Platinum wedding band was missing off his finger. He searched and searched and couldn’t find it. He took all of the discarded material and laid it out over a large tarp so he could search that too, to no avail. Me and my wife Karen, went to his house a few days later and started the search. She took the tarp material and sides of the house and I took to the front. After a little over an hour and digging MANY rusted nails, pennies, and a quarter, I got a very choppy signal and dug it, only to pull out another rusted nail. I rechecked the hole and it still showed a choppy 48-54 reading. So I dug about 2 more inches down and there it was..a beautiful shiny platinum wedding ring. His reaction made it all worth it to us… Success.