Found: Seton Hall College Ring, Westfield, NJ

  • from Woodbridge Township (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call this morning from a very upset and anxious older man by the name of Kurt, who lost his Seton Hall College ring. This thing was a genuine ‘Honker’. It was 18K white gold with a beautiful blue sapphire stone inlay. I figured how hard can it be to find? He lost it last night. He got his hands wet, and when he went to shake the water off his fingers, the ring flew off his hand. Karen and I searched for over an hour with no luck. We were on our hands and knee’s literally using the pin pointers to scan the grass. The evergreen tree you see behind me turned out to be the thief. I started to scan the tree with my AT Pro with no luck. I decided let me check a little higher. And with my arm completely extended and the coil at least 8 – 9 feet over my head, I got a solid 47 signal on my machine. Why was there a metal tone in an evergreen tree so far up there?. I raked it out with a pitch fork, and wham!! Out pops the gentleman’s ring. Needless to say, it made all of our day. I love this hobby


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