Ring found in Modesto Ca

from Los Banos (California, United States)
Contact: 1-209-704-6076


Darryl Lost his Diamond Ring 7 years ago it was 4″ Deep in the ground,

I found it in 45 minutes at a public park,  Darryl and his son were playing football and his Ring flew off  his finger never to be found,  We found it that Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend who Lives in Modesto knew I was a Treasure hunter and asked if I would help Darryl,  Darryl didn’t  think their was a chance,

I gave it a try I was only digging the Gold Ring sounds after a short time

I found it at 4″  Yes I was suppressed!!!!!!!!!   But not as much as Darryl,

Mickey Lewis in Los Banos Ca



Darryls RingIMAG0236

9 Replies to “Ring found in Modesto Ca”

  1. gregg larabel says:

    More info please? How did you locate the owner? more story?

    1. Mickey Lewis says:

      HI Gregg, This is Mickey Lewis, Im doing a bit of advertising work if you can help me pleas i would appreciate it,
      E-Mail mic58@att.net Cell 209 704-6076
      A reply to your Question is, My Customers usually call me that lost a Ring / Jewelry or valuable metal items, I have a friend in Modesto Ca and he new I did this service so he introduced me to Darryl, Thank you Gregg, Mickey Lewis (Ring Finders.com)

  2. Tim Henderson says:

    Looks like your doing a great job in your area!!! Way to go pal!!!

    1. Mickey Lewis says:

      Hi Tim how have you ben, 209 704-6076

  3. Thank you for sharing the information. I found it very informative and interesting. Hope to see more post in near future.

    1. Mickey Lewis says:

      Hi Wedding Ring, I hope to see more searches also, it just makes me feel GOOD to Help people find
      there lost valuables!!!!!!!!! Not in it so much 4R the $$$$$$$$ Thanks Mickey Lewis,

  4. Josh Turpin says:

    4″ that is crazy. That’s probably the only reason you found it. Maybe got stepped into the ground preventing it from being seen by passerbys.Nice work.

  5. Mickey Lewis says:

    Thank you Josh, I think your right someone steeped on it be4R the lawnmower!!!!! found it
    Iv ben in this Hobby 4R 25 years, If someone is Happy it makes me Happy!!!!!!!
    That’s way I joined the Ring Finders, Wear do you Live Josh, I Live in Los Banos Ca
    I can Search the areas in the central valley towns, Thanks 4R Looking Josh, Mickey Lewis

  6. Josh Trupin says:

    Hi Josh .
    This is Mickey Lewis
    If you if you can help me with
    Advertising thanks
    I’m in the .
    Directery in Los Banos and Modesto CA
    Good too hear from you again.
    Mickey Lewis.

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