Lost ring Cortland NY...found.

from Cortland (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-302-500-1607

Hi my name is Michael Stoker. I joined The Ring Finders to help people find their lost valuables. If you are located in or around Cortland County NY, give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cell#  302-500-1607

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  1. H Connell Raate says:

    Hello Michael. Welcome to the Ring Finders. We need someone down there in Cortland and the Southern Tier, as I have been called down there a couple of times. It’s a long trip from Clay to Ithaca etc.. Also sometimes Marty (Martin Johnson) and myself are out of town (mostly in the winter) so it would be nice to have someone local to contact if on of us get a call.

    Sometimes Marty and myself get together for coffee, and we thinking about one in May. Maybe you would like to attend. We talk all about MD.

    You can call me most anytime @315-652-6996. Be sure to leave a message as we screen our calls. Just too many scame calls now-a days


    H Connell Raate
    Clay, NY (although my digital stick pin is in Syracuse).

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