Lost Man's Wedding Ring In San Antonio, Texas (Found)

Received a text from Adriana late Wed. night, 7/28, asking if I could help find her husbands lost wedding ring. We talked by phone the next day. She told her husband and son were playing basketball at the neighborhood park the previous Sunday. At some point during their play time his ring came off. When they finished he noticed his ring was gone. They searched all around the court but could not find it. She told me they were only playing half court so she was confident the ring would be in the thick grass in that area. No one was able to join me right away at the park so I went there and began my search. Shortly after I started Adriana’s very sweet mom showed up to keep me company and to provide moral support. After about 45 minutes of searching I got that solid tone that I had be waiting for. Under my coil in very thick grass I could see the ring. I looked at mom and gave her a thumbs up to indicate that I had found it. She was very happy. Husband and wedding ring are now reunited. Another happy story continues.

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  1. Adriana Smith says:

    We were devastated when we couldn’t find my husband ring. I feel incredibly blessed to have found Mr. Nichols and that he reunited us with his ring. Beyond grateful.

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