Lost Texas A&M Class Ring in Jourdanton, TX. (Found)

I received a text from Justin on June 4 requesting my assistance in locating his lost class ring. We talked by phone the next day. He told me that on May 28 while he was in his pool his two dogs began arguing with each other. So in order to break them up he brought his right hand up out of the water very fast to splash water on the dogs to make them stop. At that point he felt his ring fly off his finger. He and his wife search for days in the yard and surrounding areas of the pool but could not find it. Then they found me on line on The Ring Finders. We agreed that I would come out Saturday morning June 6 ,early, to conduct a search. After a brief chat and demonstration of what happened I began my search. About 20 minutes later I had the ring in hand. And now the story continues.