Lost Wedding Ring In Seguin, Texas (FOUND)

  • from Auburn (Alabama, United States)

This was a search and recovery that was 24 days in the making. I received a text on Sept. 5 from Luis Reyes in Seguin, Texas. He stated that his wife, Diana, had lost her wedding band and  they were confident that it was in the front yard. The loss actually had occurred on August 19 just as they were leaving on vacation and they didn’t realize it until after they had left. After they returned they both did an extensive search of the car, house and yard. After retracing their steps of the day they left they decided that they had to be in the front yard. Eventually Luis was able to locate the engagement ring but the wedding ring was still missing. Luis found The Ring Finders online and contacted Greg DeLong. Greg was unable to take the search and referred Luis to me. Because of multiple things going on it wasn’t until today, 9/29/18, that I was able to come to his house. Since the rings were a matched set I was able to test the engagement ring for the signal I needed for the wedding  ring. Less than 5 minutes into the search I found it. Both of them were very happy for the return and equally surprised by how fast it was found. So very happy that this story can continue. A shout out to Greg DeLong of The Ring Finders, thanks for the referral buddy.

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  1. Luis R Reyes says:

    Thank you Again Michael! I am so glad that I came across The Ring Finders online. We are so happy to have her ring back. I am still surprised how fast you found the ring. Keep up the great work.

    Mr. and Mrs. Luis R Reyes

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