Lost white gold wedding ring in the Frio river near Concan Texas. FOUND!

Got a call from Paul Victor in San Antonio, Texas on 5-28-17. He said that he had lost his white gold wedding ring while playing in the Frio river near Concan Texas the day before. After all the normal questions we agreed to meet up the next morning and head back to the river. The area where he had been was very quite and peaceful. The water was relatively shallow and moving rather slowly. I asked Paul to set out two markers that I had brought so I could see where I needed to hunt. I then proceeded with the search with the Garrett AT Pro. After about 30 minutes and a hand full of the evil ones (pull tabs) I get a good signal. Because the water was so clear it was easy to see bottom which in this case was about 2 foot down. I found the ring with my pin pointer. It was sitting on the bottom between two rocks and was covered by a piece of wood. You would not have seen it if you were just trying to eyeball it. While I was searching Paul made a quick run to the store up the road. I found it while he was gone. I took the ring and placed it under my phone on the bank. When he got back I asked him to bring me my phone. He didn’t even notice it but went back to look after I said something. The look on his face when he held it again was priceless. Paul has a great sentimental attachment to that ring and I was so very happy to  get it back for him. Another story continues.

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  1. Chris Dean says:

    Great recovery Michael! Congratulations!

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