Lost engagement and wedding rings in Pleasanton, TX. Found

Got a call Sunday April 23, 2017 from Jim Hindes in Pleasanton, Texas. He told me his wife, Tricia, had lost her engagement and weddings rings in their backyard while cleaning up the trash from yard work done earlier by a lawn crew. She showed me all the areas she had been in and told me where she thought it might be. I started my search in the grassy area by the side walk with no luck. I then worked the patch of ferns that surround a tree next to it. I wasn’t getting any good signals. Half way around the tree I got a solid and loud mid tone on the Garret AT Pro. I turned my pin pointer on and started pushing leaves out the way. The pointer was onto something and then bam, there they were. I picked them up and handed them to Tricia. You could see the wave of emotions running through her. Jim almost started crying. They were both so overwhelmed and relieved. What I didn’t mention is that the have been happily married for 40 years. The smiles on their faces said it all. I feel blessed to have been able to help them recover their rings. And so now, ” The story can continue”.

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  1. Jim & Tricia says:

    We are so grateful to Michael for coming & finding the rings. We are still really emotional! We had already searched for two days in our backyard. Thanks be to God and to Michael!

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