Lost Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring in San Antonio, Tx. FOUND!

It was Friday March 24, 2017. I was relaxing at home after a long day at work and then around 4:30 I get a call. A young man named Dan Sheffield said he had lost his Tungsten Carbide wedding ring while digging a hole in his front yard to find a water leak. 30 minutes later I arrived at his house and saw a big muddy mess where he had dug. I was thinking to myself, ” This should be interesting”. After showing me exactly what he had been doing when he lost his ring I began my search. Using the Garret AT Pro I swung my coil over the outer edge of the mud pile and immediately got a hit. The signal came in between 73 and 75. I stuck my pin pointer in the mud and it started singing like a canary. A few seconds later I had the mud caked ring in my hand. Dan couldn’t believe I found it so quick. Less than 5 minutes. Dan and his wife have only been married for 9 months so needless to say he was very happy I found it and so was she. Another happy ending.