Another Happy return in Avalon, NJ

from Avalon (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-425-2833

I received an email from Kevin asking if I could help his brother in law find his lost wedding band on the beach.  We exchange a few emails and set a time to meet. When I arrived on the beach I am greeted by Kevin and his brother in law and the rest of the family.  They explain that they have been on the beach for 3 days and not sure what day it was lost. I have them flag an area were they have been sitting over the 3 days.  The area was about the size of an ice hockey rink, 3/4 of that was dry sand then the rest was wet sand.  I get started working the dry sand down. I’m just about done in the dry sand thinking to myself that it might be down in the wet sand. Just as I’m thinking this I get a great signal and out pops the lost white gold wedding band.  As I hand the ring over I can see the overwhelming joy in everyone.  Those reactions of returning someones lost item makes it all worth it.


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