Lost Wedding band and Engagement ring found!!

from Avalon (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-425-2833

I got a call from Mary Ann this morning(06-02-16) and she asked if I could help her find her 2 rings. One was her engagement ring and the other was her wedding band. She told me that she took them off and put them on her towel so she could put sunscreen on her 9 month old baby. She forgot they were on the towel and she packed up shaking out her towel at the end of the day and went back home. That was Sunday.(5-29-16)  She explained the her engagement ring  was from 1952 in Platinum and was very sentimental to her. We set a meeting place for her to show me the area of the beach she lost them.  As we walked on the beach we talked about how her husband has all but given up on them and was going to open a claim for the insurance.  We got to the area and she marked out the area she thinks they were seating.  I got to work and after a short hunt I was able to  return the rings  to a very happy Mary Ann.  Seeing the tears of joy in her eyes makes it all worth it!!!



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  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Good Job! It makes chasing all those foil readings worthwhile, eh?

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