Class Ring returned after losing 9 Years ago.

from Avalon (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-425-2833
I found a ring in February/2015 while metal detecting my local beach. It had a signature on the inside and I searched for the owner on Facebook/online with no luck. I went to the schools website and emailed them. Within 2 days the school Principal emailed me back and said he will try and find the girl who’s ring it was. After a few months I emailed him back and asked if he had found the girl. No reply back. I forgot about the ring till a few days ago(12/29/2015). I found an alumni page for the school on Facebook and sent them a message. The next day they message me back saying that they have found the girl. This is the message from the girl…..”get out! i may cry. i lost that 9 years ago,i was just thinking about it, because my mom signed the inside of it so should we always be with me. you have no idea how excited i am right now” The ring is now on the way back to the owner

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