Lost Ring Found In Florida Keys


466472481I received a call from Barry and his wife Kathi.It seems they had taken a boat ride out into the Atlantic Ocean just off of Key Colony Beach, Florida. They anchored in four feet of water about a half mile from shore to look for seashells.When it was time to leave Kathi noticed her gold ring was missing.Everyone on board the boat tried looking for the ring with diving masks with no luck.Barry being the smart person he is recorded the location in the boats gps and headed for home.Barry found The Ring Finders on line and decided to give it a try.He called me on July 19,2015 to ask for my help in locating his wife’s ring.Unfotunately I was out of town for a few weeks and asked Barry if he would be willing to wait till I returned home on August 25,2015 and we could get together and find the ring.Barry agreed to wait.On August 26 I met Barry at his home  where he docks his boat and he ,his wife and I took a 15 minute boat ride to the location plotted in the gps.I gridded the location with four home made buoys and proceeded to search.After forty-five minutes I asked Barry if he was sure of the location and he suggested we moved the buoys to a new area a few yards farther from the boat.Within twenty minutes I heard that lovely sound in my head phones and scooped up Kathi’s lost and found ring.The best part of the adventure was the expression and smile on Kath’i face when the ring was placed into her hand.

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  1. John Volek says:

    Nicely Done, the water looks amazing.


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