Lost Pendant found in high grass in 10 minutes

  • from Nashville (Tennessee, United States)

I received a call from Gus one afternoon. His wife had lost an heirloom pendant in the back yard. This pendant had a small Roman Coin inside of a gold basil. The entire pendent was dime sized. Gus said that his grass was high and they couldn’t locate the item. I told him not to cut the grass and that I would be there the next afternoon. I go to the the house and was met by his wife. She was excited at the possibility of me finding her lost treasure. they had placed a flag in the area she had lost the pendant. I geared up and headed to the flag. After finding a screw in the area. I hit a signal the was a little jumpy. I told her ” I feel good about this”. I ran the pinpointer across the area and there she was! I picked up the pendant and asked, “Is this what we ae looking for?” I got huge YES and a great big smile. Glad we could return it to her.



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