18 K. Gold Ring with Diamonds found in Tennessee Yard

  • from Nashville (Tennessee, United States)

I got a text this morning from a lady in Hendersonville Tennessee. She was picking up up branches from her yard and had lost her ring. This happened 2 days ago. She borrowed her neighbors metal detector (as you can see in her picture). She found 1 ring that was lost. Her yard has a lot of underground wiring and the interference was terrible. I was able to change frequencies and stop the chatter. After a short hunt, she came out and gave me a glass of much needed ice water. I ask her had she been in the area of her A/C unit. She said yes. We walked up that way and there laid the golden beauty on top of the ground. Smiles all around. Reasons such as interference, ground conditions, and lack of experience are why you should contact  your local The Ring Finders.

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