Lost Ring In My Home Town of Hamilton Twp. N.J. - Found!

from Mercer (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-638-0541

On December 11th, around 5:00 I received a phone call from Valerie about a lost ring.  She and her husband Ed were doing yardwork, at at some point, Ed’s wedding band slipped off his finger.  We initially discussed me coming out on the 12th, but with rain on the way I though it might be best to search some of the property immediately.  I called Vaerie and asked her if I could stop by, she was happy to have me begin the search.  I arrived at their house at 5:35, Ed and Valerie outlined their activities and said they were not sure where in the yard the ring was lost.  With the help of an outdoor flood light which Ed graciously positioned, I began my search.  I began on the side yard then moved to the front of the house.  After about an hour, my MXT gave a very strong signal, the VDI read 25, and pin-point showed zero inches!  I knelt down, separated the grass and in the soft light of my flash light, was a ring of gold!  As I picked up the ring, Ed who was standing about 20 feet behind me asked, ” did you find my ring”?  I can’t even begin to descrie the great feeling that rushed over me, as it always does, when I find a lost ring for someone.  Seeing how happy Ed was made it all the better.  Merry Christmas Ed and Valerie!

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