October Find

from Moreno Valley (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-743-9078

Received a call for assistance from Riverside Treasure Hunting Club, Riverside CA, who was contacted by a local citizen in distress.

Thomas was cleaning the backyard and putting leaves and cuttings into the garbage cans, Thomas while putting the items in the cans thought he heard something metallic hit the concrete in front of him, but paid no further attention to it.

Fast forward several hours later and Thomas discovered that he was missing his long time gold wedding ring.

He undertook a search of the backyard to locate the ring, all in vain.

Thomas made a wise choice and solicited the help of a local Treasure Hunters Club in Riverside, who in turn has members who are willing to assist and also have members who are part of TheRingFinders.com.

I had the pleasure of getting the call routed to me, and was glad that I was able to help Thomas to reunite him with his wedding ring which was located in a relative short time span under some leaves in a brush area along the fence.

Happy owner , Happy Finder, all good :).

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