Lost wedding band Covina................Found!

from Moreno Valley (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-743-9078

Received a call today from a young man out of Covina, wanting to know if I was available for service.

Turns out that the young man lost his wedding ring after an anger outburst, at which time he took of his ring and used his strong arm to threw it across a 2 lane street, and it to a berm/field with Bermuda grass and Ivy and scrubs.

The young man set out to search for himself, wanting his ring back after all, but came up empty.

He consulted the internet and came across the TRF site and followed instructions from there.

Upon my arrival , I listened carefully to the details and possible projected route of the ring.

My estimation of the location proved to be right, and within 3 Minutes I was able to locate the ring and reunite it with it’s owner.

Happy faces, and gratitude galore, and very generous donation, were part of ending this afternoon.

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