White Gold Engagement Ring Lost , Found, Returned

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from James on Friday. James’ wife Jody had lost her wedding band and engagement ring and they were seeking my help. Jody had placed the rings in a shoe while they enjoyed the sun at their beach front resort. They were sitting in a grassy area when the shoes were accidently turned over. They were able to find the wedding band, but try as they might could not find the engagement ring hiding in the grass. James talked with the manager at the resort about the lost treasure. The manager was familiar with The Ring Finders and had James give us a call.

I told James I would be there in an hour. I also told James that I was dealing with a pulled back, and if he was willing to do all the bending we could get it done. I met James behind the resort where he led me to the spot where Jody dropped her rings. I was swinging my Minelab Excalibur and was not disappointed in the amount of trashy signals I was getting. James was on his hands and knees looking at one of the targets as I got a nice repeatable low tone in my headphones. I scrubbed the grass with the coil and saw the hidden gem staring back at me. James retrieved Jody’s ring with a relieved smile. James went to the hotel room to give Jody back her engagement ring. He returned shortly to Thank me again for the efforts.

It sure is nice when I hear that we are getting referrals from the locals, as word is spreading about the Ring Finders network.

James, Thank You for the generous donation to our cause.

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