Ladies White Gold and Diamond Wedding Band Found and Returned, Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call last night from Paul about his wife’s wedding band that was lost a few hours before on the beach. It was on the edge of darkness so I made sure to carry my Head lamp along with my CTX 30-30.  I told my wife that she was going to be a Ring Finder Widow once again as I headed for the truck.

I met Paul 40 minutes later at the beach resort where he and his wife Clarissa were staying. Paul told me that he was “pretty sure” that she lost it on the beach near where they were camped out for the day, or maybe in the water where they had gone for a swim.  I had Paul rub his left earlobe for good luck. A quick prayer doesn’t hurt either. I went to work with detector, scoop and headlamp in a 30 yard square grid in the dry sand. Exhausting that, I moved toward the rising tide. I searched another 30 x 40 yard grid to the water’s edge, again with no luck. Every target I dug had Paul looking on with anticipation, only to be disappointed with every pull tab and penny excavated from the sand. After a 2 plus hour search in the darkness we were both ready to call it a night. I told Paul I would be back in the morning for the next low tide cycle. Paul tried to hand me some money and I told him I would not take it, as it meant we were giving up and it was “Bad JuJu”.  Returning to the beach  the next morning with my Excalibur, I chased the tide down and into the water for the next hour, with no luck. I returned to the top of the beach and asked myself where have I not been already. I remembered Paul talking about Clarissa picking up the beach wagon by the stairs that go off the beach to the resort. I had checked the area the night before but did not go all the way to the base of the stairs as nails and the likes always drive the detector crazy. This morning I went all the way in to the base of the stair. Expectedly the nails were doing their job and giving me null tones, but on one sweep I did get a little higher tone in the phones. I used the sand scoop to remove sand from atop the bottom stair buried 4” down. Sweeping the step again gave me only the nulled tones. Moving back out to open beach I dumped the sand from the scoop and gave it a sweep. There it is, that beautiful Minelab golden tone. Paul was just coming down the stairs to the beach as I was taking pictures of the ring. We decided to not tell Clarissa yet as Paul went back up to the room to tell her I had a few more questions that I wanted to ask her directly. I could see grief on her face as she walked down the stairs. I asked her a couple questions and pulled some junk rings from my pouch. I asked her if she wanted one as a memento for her trip to Myrtle Beach. “NO”. I then reached into my pocket and said I have one more that she might be interested in. Grief left her face and turned into a big smile… Then she called Paul a bad name for tricking her. Another happy ending. I love being a Ring Finder”.

Paul and Clarissa, Thank You for the generous donation to our efforts. Traveling Mercies Back to Jersey. All the Best!


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  1. Jim Wren says:

    awesome recovery and story Matt! Surprised she didn’t have a bad name for you too! Great job!

    1. Matthew Fry says:

      She did…

  2. Clarisa Pimentel says:


    I cannot thank you enough for finding my ring! I can honestly say that you saved our trip. I would have been miserable for the duration of our stay here in Myrtle Beach. I stayed up all last night praying that the ring would just turn up miraculously in our room. I wasn’t upset because of the monetary value of the ring. For me it was the memories that it held. Paul and I first met on a chance encounter 7 years ago and since then we’ve created many memories. Losing that ring would have been devastating for me. However, it makes perfect sense that just when we were about to call it quits on searching, Paul did a google search which led us to you. I was skeptical and was trying to convince myself to just let it go. I mean what were the chances of actually finding it at this point in the sand. It had been hours. Paul said, let’s just give it a shot. Well, I’m glad he took that chance on you!

    I may have called you both a not so nice name when you called me down there thinking that my ring was still lost. I didn’t even want to step foot on the cursed sand. But low and behold you showed me my ring and I could have kissed you!!! But we settled on a hug instead.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I honestly cannot thank you enough. I will forever be grateful.

    1. Matthew Fry says:

      I will take hugs all day. You guys are the best. Be good. Do good!

  3. Marie says:

    Hope it doesn’t happen again next time pray 🙏 to St Anthony he hasn’t failed me yet. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Paul Pimentel says:


    Your truly were a God send! I stumbled upon the ring finders and you at 8 pm last night trying to find a location that was open so I could rent a metal detector and sweep all through the night to try and come up with Clarisa’s ring. I had no idea this website and service even existed. But in all honesty I am glad it led us to you. I could not believe you picked up your phone and were at the beach with me within 45 minutes from our initial conversation. You swept the area for a long while throughout the night and then doubled back this morning. It shocked me even more that when I tried to pay for your services last night you denied me saying it would be bad juju. At that point I knew we had a fighting chance because there aren’t many people out there like you, or maybe it’s because we are from New Jersey we are used to a different kind of folk. You came back ahead of when you said you would without us having to follow up and despite many false readings you kept on going. When I walked to the beach to meet with you and I saw you taking a photo I was in shock saying to myself “could it be.” You truly saved our trip as Clarisa and I were both down in the dumps about what had transpired. We have already told many people from home our story and what you did for us. We will be a billboard and a cheerleading squad for the ring finders team and we will be forever grateful for everything you did!

    Best wishes and luck in future finds!!!

  5. Steven Ray says:

    Good going Matt! Your persistence paid off! It also helps to do some detective work.

  6. Zurka Wahid says:

    My lost ring was in a small grey pouch that fell out of my jacket, a mac. My ring was platinum with diamonds through out. Was a thick band as well. I miss my wedding ring so much is coming up to a decade or longer now since I lost it

  7. Zurka Wahid says:

    Any help in finding my lost ring would be so appreciated

  8. Zurka Wahid says:

    Any help in finding my lost ring would be so appreciated
    I don’t believe it can be found I lost all hope a long time ago

  9. Sandy says:

    Proud of you Matt

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