Men's Tungsten Wedding Band Found and Returned, Myrtle Beach, SC

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-333-4114

I received a phone call referral Sunday afternoon from Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach), about a ring that was just lost in Myrtle Beach. Jim gave me the phone number to the young man, Rob, that lost his wedding band. I phoned Rob back and told him I could be there in 30 minutes.

I called Rob when I got to the location. I walked out onto the beach and was met by Rob’s wife Stefaney. She explained that Rob was up in the room and would soon be there. Stefaney was not happy when she explained the loss of the ring. Rob was throwing a Frisbee on the beach when he felt the ring leave his finger. Yes, Rob is left handed. Stefaney and Rob had the where with all to mark the spot he was standing at the time with a beach pail. I had Rob and Stefaney rub their left earlobes for luck as I set the Excalibur II to work. I worked a 20 yard square in front of the area with no luck. I returned to the starting point to then work behind the beach pail. On the first grid pass I got the tone in the phones I was looking for. Rob and Stefany were looking on from 20 yards as I removed the ring from my sand scoop and held it up for them to see. I love happy endings. The young couple were ecstatic as I handed Rob back his wedding band. Then I took it back from Rob and handed it to Stefaney for safe keeping. This week marks their first wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoy many more. Thanks for the reward, 15% will be donated to The Children’s Shrine Hospital “Road Runners”



5 Replies to “Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band Found and Returned, Myrtle Beach, SC”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    WTG Matt!

  2. Jim Brouwer says:

    WTG!!! Always good to get a ring return!!!

  3. Sandscoop says:

    Jolly Good,Returns were always the best part of detecting for me..

  4. Stefaney Bahlke says:

    MATT WAS AWESOME! The minute he found my husbands ring, I ran and gave him the biggest hug! He found it in a whopping 13 minutes after we had been searching for 2 hours! We were not disappointed! Thank you so much for helping us find his ring so it didn’t ruin our vacation LOL!

    Anyone who loses a ring, look up Ring Finders!!!

  5. OC COP says:

    Nice Work.

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