Lost Tungsten Promise Ring Found, Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from Kaylynn Tuesday afternoon about her fiance’s lost tungsten promise ring. Jake had the ring slip from his finger just two hours before in the mid to high tide waters of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jake lost the ring in waist deep water. The tide was dropping at the time of her phone call. Time was on her side, darkness was not. I met Kaylynn in the parking lot of the beach resort they were staying and we moved quickly to the beach as she described the loss. On the beach I met Jake and Kaylynn’s father. Dad was sitting in a chair and kept a visual on the area the ring was lost. I had everybody present rub their left earlobe as I began the search. The beach in the area was now dry and made me feel good about our search. Kaylynn and Jake walked me out to the area they thought best for the search. There was a new problem happening as we spoke. As the tide was receding, one of our storm water swashes was cutting a trough in the newly exposed beach right in the middle of our search area. The swash was removing beach sand at a rapid rate. When I entered the running water I soon realized that I was only going to be able to search in one direction, down stream. I would walk down steam in the water for about 35 yards, and return up the dry sand at water’s edge. I went back into the water a little deeper each pass and returned a little wider. I was having no luck. I expanded the grid to include the area where the running water met the ocean water, thinking that where they met the ring would have a chance to settle and sink in the sand. Now in darkness Jake ran to the car to get a flash light. The back light on my detector was not functioning, and it was impossible to see anything in the sand scoop. After an hour I was ready to give up thinking that the search might be easier in the daylight. As a last ditch effort I decided to expand the grid just a few yards farther south just to make sure. Just three feet outside my original grid I got the signal and numbers I was looking for. With the flash light I confirmed what I already knew, there was a “ring in the scoop”. I walked to where the young couple was sitting and told them that I was calling off the search…wait…wait… because I found Jake’s ring. Jake was a little reserved, but Kaylynn did “the ring dance” as I returned Jake’s ring.

Kaylynn and Jake, thank you for the reward. I wish the both of you much happiness in your future.

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  1. Kaylynn says:

    You are absolutely amazing!! I will forever be thankful for stubmlinng upon this website and to you while I was just accepting the fact that this ring was going to be forever lost. I like your saying “every ring has a story” because it does and losing it in the ocean really makes it a story! You answered my first phone call, you where there within an hour of talking to me and of course you found our ring! You are truly a genuine human with an amazing talent! We say thank you for the rest of our lives and can’t wait to tell this story forever!

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