3 Ring Day! Lost and Found Litchfield Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a rather nervous phone call from Lindsay Friday morning. Lindsay lost her 3 ring wedding engagement set Thursday afternoon while enjoying the beach with her husband Trippett and their three daughters. The family was sitting about the mid tide area of the beach during low tide. Lindsay had removed her, 3 separate , ring set and placed them in the cup holder on a fold up beach chair. Being a good mom she removed them to put sunscreen on the girls. When it was time to leave Lindsay rounded up kids while Trippett Rounded up stuff. Unaware of the rings in the cup holder, Tripp spilled them onto the hard wet sand just before night fall. The diamond that was in the engagement ring belonged to Tripp’s grandmother, Eleanor’s engagement ring from years gone by, and had great sentimental value to Lindsay and Tripp.

I met Trippett and the two older girls at the beach Friday afternoon to show me the area the rings were thought to be lost. This included the possibility that the rings may have stayed in the cup holder until they climbed the stairs at the dune cross over several yard away. Tripp and the girls left as I started my grid search on the lower beach. I cross grid the lower beach marking every inch of the 40 yard square. With the exception of a couple areas that people were sitting, I exhausted the area and moved to the upper beach toward the stairs. After covering that ground I moved back to the lower beach and expanded the grid again. Lindsay came down to the beach and met with me briefly. I told Lindsay that I had pretty much covered the beach, with the exception of those few areas that had people camped out. About 15 minutes after Lindsay and youngest daughter Eleanor left the beach, some of the people were leaving the area. I went back to one such area of 25′ x 25′ and immediately got a nice signal on a borrowed A.T. Pro. (Minelab in the shop for repairs). I pulled up a beautiful platinum band with inlaid diamonds. This was one of the two bands I was after as well as the main engagement ring. I got excited as I now felt like I was in the right area after 2 1/2 hours. I handed the ring to my wife who sat nearby and returned to find the main engagement ring 5 feet away in four inches of sand. Back to the wife, back to the spot. I searched for another ten minutes and just knew the last ring was there. I got a real faint signal, about 20′ away, on the A.T. Pro that was telling me 8”.” That ring couldn’t be that deep”. I almost passed up the signal thinking pull tab, but decided to make sure. Up came the third ring in the sand pile that I dumped on the beach. My wife laughed as I did the goofy, fat boy ring dance. I called Lindsay on the phone to give her the good news. Lindsay and (name sake) daughter Eleanor met me at the truck where I presented her with her rings. Smiles, hugs, tears and shaking hands, (“The Ring Dance”) Lindsay put her rings back onto the finger that they belong to. Baby Eleanor didn’t understand any of it. Trippet and Lindsay, Thank You for the very generous reward, and remember, when you need a little luck, say a quick prayer and rub the left earlobe. All the best to you all.

15% of all rewards go to Shriners Children’s Hospital “Road Runners”.


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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Awesome search, recovery, return and story!!! WTG Matt great job!

  2. Dick S. says:

    I can almost guarantee this ring story will be passed down through daughters and grandkids….
    I have found rings for gals and there’s always a tear or two…

  3. Great job, Matt. I love the prayer and rubbing of the left ear!

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