Man's Wedding Band Lost in the Surf in Myrtle Beach... Found and Returned

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Last week Jim Wren was contacted through his Ring Finders Face Book. Savannah had sent him a note about her husband Kirk losing his wedding band on their honeymoon in Myrtle Beach. Jim is the Ring Finder that covers North Myrtle Beach and area beaches over the border in North Carolina. Since the ring search was in Myrtle Beach, Jim graciously called me and asked if I wanted to cover it. I called Savannah, who had returned to her home in Kentucky, and got all the particulars on the beach area that needed to be searched. I assured a distraught Savannah that we had a good chance at finding this ring. I called Jim Wren back and explained that the ring was lost in the waters edge at low tide 4 days ago, and that I felt like time and darkness was going to be an issue. I wanted to cover a lot of sand quickly, so I asked Jim if he wanted to join me. Jim and I searched into the darkness against an angry rising tide. We were getting several signals but were having a hard time staying on the targets as the waves pushed us around. Jim and I talked and we both felt like the ring was there, but the struggle against the elements was hindering our efforts. We agreed to work the area again 2 days later. We met in the morning’s low tide before the wind started tormenting the water. I jumped into the water about waist deep and started north – south. Jim started an east – west grid that had him going from ankle to waist deep water. About half way through the grid Jim descended into the water just in front of me. I saw Jim concentrating on a target so I gave him some room to not give his detector any feedback from mine. Jim shouted my direction as he started moving toward the dry beach. From 30 feet away I could make out the black silhouette of the ring through the holes in his sand scoop. Bingo! This was the ring we were looking for. Jim graciously handed me the ring and told be to call Savannah and then write it up. Last year I helped Jim on a ring search where I found the ring. I handed the ring to Jim and told him to write it up. I think he was giving me pay back. However, the most important part of this ring hunt was that we got to send a message and picture to Savannah, back in Kentucky, and let her know the good news. Kirk’s wedding band would be back on his finger in few days. Savannah was stunned and happy of that fact. She and Kirk had just gone to the jewelers that afternoon to order another ring. Fortunately they were able to cancel the order the next morning. Savannah and Kirk, good luck in your future together. May all of your stories have happy endings. Thanks for entrusting Jim and I with this ring search. Thanks Jim for your excellent help.


4 Replies to “Man’s Wedding Band Lost in the Surf in Myrtle Beach… Found and Returned”

  1. Jim Brouwer says:

    Great Teamwork!!! Wonderful how you guys have worked together to help these folks. Super Effort and a super find!!!

  2. Dick S. says:

    In our hobby returns are the best.
    A ring carries special memories.

  3. OC COP says:

    Outstanding effort. Six days later in the shallow surf. A ring return for the Honor Roll. GL

  4. Stanley George Waletkus says:

    Nice job guys!

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