Lost Wedding Ring Found In Myrtle Beach!

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone message from Victoria on Tuesday morning, May 3rd. I returned her phone call and introduced myself as The Ring Finder representative she had phoned. Immediately I could hear her voice crack with emotion as she described losing her yellow gold wedding band with several diamonds mounted throughout the band and a four diamond square post mount, top center. Victoria and husband Twuan were enjoying the beach Monday afternoon around high tide when Victoria went to the surf’s edge to wash off her hands. She felt the ring slip from here finger in shin deep water. She and Twuan dug and search for awhile and gave in to the realization that the ring was lost forever. The one year married couple were very upset, so much so, that they went home early and left the area.

I assured Victoria that I could find that ring and that she was only allowed to cry when I gave it back to her. My wife Sunny joined me that afternoon with her detector. We grid searched the described area for nearly 3 hours. I was sure the ring would be found on the upper slope of the beach. We were not successful as the tide continued to rise. I went back that night after the tide change for a couple more hours to no avail. I noticed that the tide had brought in a large amount of sand. This had me worried. I returned to the area, at low tide, again on Wednesday. I worked a low tide grid and a southward grid for two more hours. I left empty handed again as I notice even more sand on the beach. I called Jim Brouwer (Gold Beneath The Waves) that night to ask if anybody in the Grand Strand Treasure Hunters was bragging about a great find on the south end of Myrtle Beach. Jim put out a few feelers to check and his answer was no! Jim hunts the beach just about everyday, so he was very cognizant of the building sand and asked if I needed some help. I told Jim that I was going to search low tide the next day (Thurs.). I told Jim that I exhausted the grid area in front of the Hotel and that the only way to go with a new grid was North. I explained to Jim that I had searched north to a drainage pipe in the sand, and that we should start there.

I was on my way to the beach Thursday, about five minutes away, when I got a phone call from Jim exclaiming that he found the ring. He had gotten there early and had started north and was only about 15 feet north of the pipe and got the signal he was looking for on his CTX 30-30. Jim gave me the ring and I was excited to call Victoria as she had been checking in with me every time I searched. With each passing conversation I could tell she was losing hope. She was in such disbelief that we actually found the ring that she asked me to send her a picture of it. I sent it with the tag “Miracles Happen”. I drove the two hours to Sumter, SC. on Friday to return Victoria’s ring. The big beautiful smile tells the rest.

Victoria and Twuan, thank you so much for the very generous reward. Jim expresses great thanks as well. 15% will be donated to “The Road Runners” of The Shrine Children’s Hospital.  If you get to the beach anytime soon, look us up.

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5 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring Found In Myrtle Beach!”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great coordinated effort, story, recovery and return!!!! I had to call on Jim a couple times last year to help me find rings, what a great hunter and man he is. WTG guys!!!

    TRF North Myrtle Beach SC

  2. Jim Wren says:

    What a Great coordinated effort, story, recovery and return!!! I had to use Jim a couple times last year to help me, what an awesome hunter and man he is. WTG Guys!!!!!

    TRF North Myrtle Beach SC

  3. Jim Brouwer says:

    Matt, I am soooo happy we found the ring for Victoria. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this hunt. Jim

  4. Larry Griffith says:

    Great cooperative effort!!! The owner obviously is the beneficiary of both of your efforts.

  5. jason Bontrager says:

    Thumbs up to that recovery!!!

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