Smiles From Above! Found White Gold Wedding Band, Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

My last few ring searches have been duds. In two calls the people found the ring before I got to their location, or just got there.(Great for them it was found). On my last call I did not find the ring we were looking for in the resort sand volley ball court. In this case he was not sure that he had the ring on when he was playing, nor was it in the shrubbery surrounding the court. We eliminated that area as a possibility for this man’s ring search.

I received an email from Josh late Monday night about his lost white gold wedding band. I did not see the email until late Tuesday afternoon and gave him a return phone call, hoping that I wasn’t too late to help him. We set a time to meet at the beach during low tide on Wednesday. Josh lost a family heirloom, white gold wedding band while playing ball in the surf near high tide two days ago. This wedding band belonged to his father and was passed on to him by his step mother for his wedding day in 2012. Josh’s father could no longer wear this band as he was being cared for in an assistance care since 1998, as a probable result of agent orange after his time in Viet Nam. Josh’s father proudly served our country in the U.S. Army. Josh’s father had retired to the celestial heavens this past February. I knew that this ring had great sentimental value attached to it. Josh walked me to the area on the beach. I met Josh’s in-laws as I had all of them rub their left earlobe for luck. Josh and I set up four PVC stakes for a 40 x 60 yard grid area. I then handed Josh the “Hot stick” and asked him to place it in the most likely area for the ring. Josh placed the hot stick right at the waterline at the bottom of the grid. I started my North / South grid until I hit the hot stick. I did a spiral grid around the hot stick a few revolutions, then continued the north / south line. On about line 8 I got the magical Mine Lab low tone for gold, coming in at a 12:08, 11 inches. I sent the scoop to the target and missed on the first attempt. I sent it into the sand again. After sweeping the hole I knew that the target was in the scoop. I dumped the scoop and kicked it into three piles, as I scanned each. scooping back up the signal pile I gently shook the wet sand from the scoop to reveal a beautiful white gold wedding band with three diamonds set diagonally across the top. I looked back at Josh and his family sitting under the umbrellas about 80 yards away. Josh was looking my direction with intent. Josh then rubbed his left earlobe and I returned the signal. Josh ran the 80 yards to where I was standing and I handed him his father’s ring. Big boys don’t cry, but I think both of us had a tearful laugh as he put this ring back onto his finger. High fives and then a big hug that nearly squashed me, and I’m not small. Josh’s mother in law joined us with Josh’s little girl as she had tears in her eyes as well. I love doing “The ring dance”. I felt smiles from heaven being sent our way on this beautiful day on the beach. Life is good!!!!!!!!!!                      IMG_5998IMG_5985

Josh, Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I pray for traveling mercies for your return to Arizona. Thank you so much for the generous reward. I will take my wife out to a nice dinner to celebrate your ring recovery and our son’s election to The House of Representatives of South Carolina yesterday. I will also send a donation to the Shriner Children’s Hospital. Thanks again!