Lost Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Found in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an email from Bryon early Wed. morning seeking help in recovering his wife Ellie’s wedding band and engagement ring set that was soldered together as one ring. They arrived in town Tues. afternoon and headed straight to the beach. On the beach we have several drainage swashes that take rain runoff to the ocean. Bryon and their little girl crossed the swash on the beach pretty easily, but when Ellie crossed the cut in the beach with it’s running water she stumbled and caught herself in the soft sand with her hands. When she righted herself she realized that the sand had sucked the ring set from her finger. It was close to the high tide mark as the ocean currents were beating against the runoff waters. Bryon bought a metal detector at one of the local big box stores and returned later that night to hunt for the rings. Bryon noticed that the swash cut was now filled in and the beach was now flat where a few hours before there was a two foot deep cut in the sand. Bryon was not successful in his search. It was surely not a way to start their vacation.

I phoned Byron in response to his email Wed. morning and we made plans to meet on the beach. Bryon explained how the sand had shifted over night and that he really felt the ring was going to be about two feet under the sand. I really did not feel that the sand could shift that much in two high tide cycles, but Bryon was convinced that the swash cut had move about thirty yards south on the beach. I searched the area he was most certain the ring would be. I then expanded the grid. After nearly three hours of searching I was unsuccessful. I noticed a couple holes in the beach during the search and felt like another detectorist may have found the ring already. Thursday there was a lunch meeting of The Grand Strand Treasure Hunters, and I went to see if anybody may have found the rings. Nobody was bragging about finding these rings, as we all share our finds over the last couple weeks. I asked my friend, Jim Brouwer (Gold Beneath The Waves) if he cared to join me after lunch in a second attempt for these rings, and he said he would be thirty minutes behind me. Arriving at the beach I was shocked to see that the swash was totally different from the day before as it had moved thirty yards back to the north. Bryon was right. I was excited as I jumped into the cut that was twice as wide as my swing. I worked a pass up the swash from mid beach and then turned around and worked back. Right in the area that Bryon told me the ring was going to be I got a solid 12:08 on the Minelab. I sent the scoop to the target and rinsed the sand out in the moving water. BINGO! After only ten minutes of searching I was on the phone to Bryon with the good news. Bryon helped me in the surprise as we did not tell Ellie that I had found the ring. He, Ellie and daughter Alex met me at the beach thirty minutes later, just after Jim arrived to help. It was fun to personally give Ellie back her rings as this was the first time I got to hand somebody their own ring as opposed to mailing it, or in the previous blog where the lady found her own ring with one of my detectors. It was a tearful and joyous reunion.

SwashEllie Smiles 2Bryon and Ellie Ring 2   Alex provided the shells for the photo. Thank you Bryon and Ellie for the generous gift.

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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great job Matt, way to hang in there and be persistent.

  2. Jason Bontrager says:

    Great story and find. Glad you could make another person smile..

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