Lost Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band in Cherry Grove Beach, FOUND!

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Actual E-mail conversation:

How much do you charge to search for a lost wedding ring? I lost it yesterday. It’s not an expensive ring but it’s important to me.
Thanks, Aaron

I ask for a $30 call out fee if the ring is not located. If I find the ring then I work on a reward donation basis. What it is worth to you and what you can afford. That is up to you. If you lost it on the beach time will be important. Every ring is important regardless of its melt value… This is your ring and it has a story. Let me help you keep that story. Call me 843-215-9170 shop 

I’m going to borrow a detector and see if I have any luck, it’s a titanium men’s wedding ring, hopefully the Good Lord will lead me to it. How deep do you think it will be 6-8″? I know exactly where it came off but I’m going have to wait for low tide this evening to check the location.

Only after one day, if there hasn’t been significant sand shift, 3-5”. If your detector is a good one and you can ground balance it you should be OK. Most people are not experienced enough to deal with wet salt sand because it is highly mineralized. It drives most metal detectors crazy and has you chasing your tail. Good luck and let me know how it turns out. I have booked the rest of my day but if I can help in the morning or tomorrow afternoon let me know. If you want me to help in the morning call my cell 843-333-4114 and leave a message tonight. I have a meeting that will last until 9:30ish. I will return your phone call when I get out of the meeting. I will meet you where ever we need to. Low tide 7:09 am. Good hunting!

Phone Message that night: Matt I did not find the ring. Are you still willing to help me in the morning? I lost the ring at 58th Ave. North on Cherry Grove Beach.

I will meet you at the public entrance to the beach at 6:45 in the morning. Good night.

I met Aaron and his brother in law Bradly at the beach the next morning at Cherry Grove Beach, about 25 miles north of Myrtle Beach, SC., and we discussed the search and search area. Aaron was certain that his ring would be found in an area about 150′ x 150′.  I told Aaron and Bradly to rub their left earlobe for luck. Aaron lost the ring, while catching a football, in about knee deep water at mid tide. After searching the area for about an hour, I expanded the grid four times in the directions Aaron felt most likely to find the ring. A dollar in change and a half dozen pull tabs, I was running out of time.  After 2 hours of searching I got the signal I wanted to see on the CTX.-30-30. The Carbide ring came in looking almost like a penny. I sent the scoop into the sand as Aaron had the look of “Oh great he’s digging another pull tab”, but I knew what was on the screen. I pulled a handful of sand from the scoop not knowing myself. I felt the shape of a ring in the sand as I looked at Aaron and rubbed my left earlobe through the head phones and then Aaron did the same. After cleaning it up a bit I handed Aaron his lost wedding band. High fives and big smiles all around. Aaron, thank you for the gift.  I was happy to get you out of the “Dog House”.


In 3 out of the last 4  of my ring searches the people bought, rented, or borrowed a metal detector. On inland searches this would be OK to try to do it yourself. I truly wish you all the luck in the world. But, in salt sand if you are not using a machine that can deal with this highly mineralized environment you will be wasting valuable time in recovering your cherished jewelry. Allow the metal detecting expert hobbyists of The Ring Finders help you. We have state of the art equipment and we know how to use it. Save your time and money, call a member of The Ring Finders today.


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  1. Jim Brouwer says:

    Excellent Find!! Your tenacity and expertise paid off!!! Great Job!!

  2. Jim Wren says:

    Great Find Matt!!

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