Lost Wedding Band at Garden City Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call on Monday from Jason. He lost his wedding band in the water two days earlier and was trying to reach out to anybody for help. He found me on TheRingFinders.com directory for the Myrtle Beach,SC area. Jason and his family had returned to St. Louis, MO, and was not available in person to help me with the lost area. Jason lost his wedding band, that belonged to his father and was passed down, in thigh deep water at low tide. Jason described the area that he and his family were enjoying the beach. I went out at low tide Monday to give it a try. The water was rough and the currents were strong. Standing in thigh deep water with shoulder high waves was not fun. Also, with the water temperature being about 65 degrees my voice was a little higher when I got out of the water.

Jason sent me a video that night that showed him and his family on the beach. Looking at the video I realized that I was not in the right area in my earlier search. Jason was also going to try to extract the GPS info that might be embedded in the video from his cell phone. I returned to the beach yesterday to try again. Once again I was being crushed by the waves as the afternoon sea breeze had it’s hold on the water. Two hours in the water with not a single low tone on my Minelab CTX 30-30, and the only high tone was my voice.

I am going to give it another try on Friday or Saturday as the low tide moves around to the morning. The wind should be low and the waters calmer. Jason sent me a Google Earth picture and narrowed my search area. I also have taken a still picture of the Garden City Pier from his video and I should be able to stand on the beach and line up the light posts and pilings to get a smaller grid area. This being my first lost ring call, I really want to find this ring. Why couldn’t it be in the garden? Chris Turner makes those look easy.

So, on Saturday morning, the 25th, everybody rub their left earlobe and send me some luck. I hope to post a successful find.


Matthew Fry

AKA: Sniper Swiper


8 Replies to “Lost Wedding Band at Garden City Beach”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Good Luck on the 25th! Hope the weather and waves are on your side!!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Good luck on the 25th! May the weather and waves be on your side! Can’t wait to see the Smile you’ll find that day!

  3. Matthew Fry says:

    Thanks Chris. The forecast for FRi., Sat. is flat to no surf. I’m really hoping that this ring settled into a hole in the trough and has stayed put. The water has been rough for detecting but not extremely heavy, so I’m hoping. I hope you didn’t mind the “garden hunt” comment… Just poking.

  4. Mark Rubey says:

    Ocean hunts with any kind of surf are rarely easy. The hardest part is keeping your grid lines straight! It helps to have a spotter or two…..one in the water and one on the beach. Good Luck!

    1. Jason Garvin says:

      Thanks so much. I hope the tides are low and the wind is easy. I hope the ring is right there were I dropped it. Thanks so much

    2. Matthew Fry says:

      Thanks Mark. The surf forecast tomorrow is flat… Should help. I have a friend, that is an avid water hunter, to help in the morning. He has even written a book on the subject. He is on of those “Lord of the Rings” guys. I hope that this ring has stayed put. Its been a week, but I’m hoping. I’m going to try to use some PVC stakes to help me have a visual grid.

  5. Jason Garvin says:

    I thank you for the help. I hope the tides are low and easy. I hope the ring is just settled in the sand right out in front.

    1. Matthew Fry says:

      Jason, I know you are out there thinking that this is allot of effort, but we also thrive on the challenge of the hunt. And boy, you’ve given us a challenge… LOL! Remember, rub the left earlobe tomorrow morning about 7:00.

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