The first call a strange one

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

My first call as a member of was a strange one. Gary phoned the other day and was asking allot of questions about renting a metal detector. I explained to him that I did not rent machines, rather I rented myself with a detector. I finally asked him what he was trying to accomplish. As it turns out, Gary is a construction contractor and he was working on a concrete and steel formed condo unit in Myrtle Beach. Gary had already sent a tap screw through some electrical conduit in the ceiling / floor between the unit levels that he was going to have to repair. Also bedded in the concrete were suspension lines and steel re-bar. Gary explained that he would be fined $5,000. if he broke one of the suspension lines. Gary told me that he could hire somebody to X-Ray or ultra sound the concrete but that it was very expensive. I asked him how far apart the re-bar and suspension cables were. He guessed them to spaced about 8 – 10” apart in a square grid. I told Gary that I probably couldn’t help him because even a 5” sniper coil on my Fisher Gold Bug Pro would pick up all the steel around it and not give us an accurate account of where the wiring, re-bar and suspension cables ”were not”. I then thought about a pin pointer. I told Gary that he could borrow one of my pin pointers to see if it would work for him. I met him at the building the next day and the pin pointer worked like a charm. Gary was confident that he could install the bat boards without hitting any steel. I left him and his crew with my pin pointer for the day. The next day Gary returned my pin pointer along with a 12 pack of 9v batteries and a 12 pack of green bottles. Not to mention the big smile on his face, he showed me his receipt for his very own Minelab pin pointer. A strange call. I had to find where the metal ”wasn’t”.


4 Replies to “The first call a strange one”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to save his day Matthew!

    1. Matthew Fry says:

      Thanks Chris! I’m going detecting today with Jim Wren from North Myrtle Beach. We are trying to set up strategy for the area TRF. Everybody wins… You’re the man! Also saw that Jason B. expanded into Spartenburge in the Up-State. Great to see.

  2. Good job buddy!!

  3. Jason Bontrager says:

    YA never know… What calls your gonna have.

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