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A few days ago I was contacted by Abby. She found me during a google search. While she and her mother Liz were in town for the Zombie walk event they also enjoyed the beach for a few days. While at the beach, Abby removed all of her rings and put them in one of her pockets before going into the water for a swim. When she was getting dressed and reached into her pocket for her rings she couldn’t find her late Grandmothers gold ring. Abby and Liz spent a few hours feverishly looking around in the sand with their hands with no luck. I had just gotten home from work when Abby contacted me. I assured her I would change and get my gear together and head out there right away to help. Once I arrived Abby showed me where they were sitting and her mother Liz even marked out a parameter. In about 5 mins of searching I had the ring in my scoop! They were so happy! I am thrilled to have been able to help! Another great ending!

Check out the video!
Abby’s ring recovery on video

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