Lost sentimental ring in Belmar NJ Found by Matt St.Germain Jersey Shore Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #175
Last night Fellow ring finder Ed Cropski referred Nadia to Dennis Burlingame and myself about her lost ring.
She took it off and placed it on her towel but forgot to put it back on before leaving.
As she was leaving the beach she realized it was left on her towel. When she packed up and shook the sand off her towel the ring fell off and sank into the sand.
Dennis went out there to search for it first but she was confused about where she was exactly now that it had become dark outside.
Dennis searched for a few hours in a few areas with no luck. Even after she found a photo on her phone with a very small amount of the background in the photo.
He had to be up very early for work so I went out there to continue the search. I also spent an hour searching before realizing the photo she took was backwards.
Once I reversed the image I was about to get into the right area and within another 30mins of searching I had located her ring! I called her and she came back onto the beach from her car so I could return it to her. Out of respect for her privacy her photo has been blurred except for her hand and smile.
Another happy ending!
Teamwork get’s the job done!

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  1. Dave says:

    Awesome Team Work!

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