Lost Diamond engagement ring in Sea Girt NJ found by Matt St Germain The Ring Finders New Jersey

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #164

Thursday evening 6/30/22 I was contacted by Alexandra. While she was at the military beach in Sea Girt NJ with her sister, She felt her engagement ring slip off her finger and disappear into the water. She and her husband are active duty military so she was even more devastated because her husband is currently doing a tour in Turkey. After doing a google search she found me and reached out. Once we went over the details of where she and her sister were, I told her I would go out there that very night during the overnight low tide but I had limited time as I had to be at work Friday morning. After spending about 3hrs searching for the ring I was unable to locate it and had to leave. I assured her I was not going to give up easily and would try again Friday night into Saturday morning. The only issue now was to get there before the pending thunderstorms and hopefully recover it before the sands shifted. After about 3hrs searching the area again and also expanding my search, I had her ring in my scoop! Check out my video to experience a bit of a recovery and her reaction! I love what I do!😁

The Ring Finders New Jersey

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