Lost wedding rings in Long Branch NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)


3 Days ago Joana was referred to me by fellow Ring finder Ed Cropski. She reached out to me within a few hours and explained to me that while she was in town visiting family her necklace broke while body surfing with her kids and had lost her late husbands ring and her late mothers ring. She gave me photos of where she was sitting and where she was swimming so my friend Dennis (Another Ring finder member) and I went there that night to conduct a search. After about 3hrs we were unable to find ether of them. I then reached out the next day only to find out we were a little too far over from where we needed to be. So we went again the following night and searched some more and bingo! I found both rings, About 1-2ft apart from each other! They had already sank about 8″ deep!. Joana was so very happy and relieved when i sent her a picture to let her know I had them. Another great ending to the story!

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