Lost Engagement ring found in Bricktown NJ by: Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Yesterday I spoke with a woman who’s name is Genesis. She was referred to me by fellow Ring finder John Favano. While she was out in the front yard playing in the snow with the kids her engagement ring slipped off at some point. After a few days of looking without any luck, They called John. I made arrangements to go there today. After speaking with her for a bit i began my search. She wasn’t wearing gloves and remembered she kept shaking the snow off her hands. After about an hour of searching i found it! They were very happy and relieved! First recovery of 2021!

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2 Replies to “Lost Engagement ring found in Bricktown NJ by: Matt St.Germain”

  1. Zurka Wahid says:

    It does look similar to my missing ring. Has been more than a few years I have forgotten what it used to look like unfortunately

  2. Griff (member in France) says:

    beautiful ring.

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