Lost Heirloom ring Found by Matt St.Germain/Dennis Burligame

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

6/9/20 I was contacted by Kate. While in Lbi visiting she went into the ocean for a quick dip and unfortunately lost her Heirloom ring from her Grandmother. She wasn’t sure where it came off as she did not realize it was missing until getting back to the house. I marked out a path from the dune down to where she was sitting and confirmed with her that it was a good place to start Along with the first 3-5ft into the surf. But the winds were not in my favor. The surf was high and rough for a week which is too dangerous for a guy with a metal detector and a heavy long handle scoop. I did all of the dry sand, The slope and as far into the water as i could safely. No luck. I went back a second time 3-4 days later and the surf calmed down a little so i could go a little further out. Still no luck. So on the third attempt i brought my Fellow Ringfinder and good friend Dennis Burligame with me after just finishing up with another recovery. We both got into the water even though it was a bit rough and started on opposite ends. Amazingly Dennis was able to recover it within about 15 mins! Teamwork for the win! Another great ending! I will be meeting her in a few weeks to return it and get a photo!