Lost Diamond Wedding ring set in Sandy Hook NJ recovered by Matt St.Germain Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

While out with my family at a friends bbq with bad cell reception as we were leaving i received a message from Edward Cropski Aka NJ Lost Ring Finder about a Diamond wedding ring set lost in Sandy Hook NJ. I also had a voicemail from Jessica, The woman who lost the rings. She had taken her rings off and put them into the cupholder of her chair to put lotion on and forgot to put them back on. It was not until they were packing up for the day and her father began to shake the sand from the chairs when she realized she never put them back on. But it was already too late, They were gone! I called her to make arrangements to conduct a search and explained to her that special permission was required since the beach she is at used to be a military base and is now a Federal park where metal detecting is prohibited. She called me back about 15mins later as i as driving home to tell me she has gotten the permission needed for a search but i would have to get there quickly as the park is closing at 9pm. Within minutes of getting home I said goodbye to my wife and daughter i grabbed my Minelab Ctx 3030, Jumped back into my truck and started the 45min drive to Sandy Hook. The ride then became longer as i got caught it traffic along the way. When i finally arrived i only had 15 minutes to conduct the search! Luckily her family had marked out the area with umbrellas and other items where they were. Within 10 minutes i had found both rings, 6 ft apart from one another! Another happy ending!

Check out the video!

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5 Replies to “Lost Diamond Wedding ring set in Sandy Hook NJ recovered by Matt St.Germain Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder”

  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Great work Matt,

    Thanks for the video. i was considering buying a CTX3030 until recently. The video allowed me to hear the sounds…very helpful. Nice rings and great response from customer. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Larry! Good luck with whatever machine you decide to buy! The Ctx is a great choice if you get it!

  2. This is a review from Jessica on my facebook page. I thought i would share it here as well.

    Jessica Caytuiro-Lopez reviewed Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder — 5 star
    51 mins ·
    On Sunday I felt heartbroken when I realized that I lost my set of rings in Sandy Hook, NJ. After an hour of searching and didn’t find it I became desperate and started searching the internet on how to find my rings lost in the sand. I came across The Ring Finder page and called Mr. Ed Crospki, who was in Florida at the time, but told me that he knew someone who could help me and gave me Matt’s number. Called Matt, who explained to me that I had to get a permission for the search from the park because Sandy Hook is owned by the federal government, which I didn’t know. After I got the clearance Matt was on his way but I was getting worried he was not going to make it on time because the park was going to close in like an hour. Matt was coming from a far distance and I knew there was traffic in the parkway, but thankfully he made it! Within 10-15 mins he found my rings, which were somewhere else from where I was was searching for and were about six feet apart from one another. Once again Thank you very much for your excellent work Matt !!!

  3. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go Matt! It sure is an awesome feeling to be able to help someone in such need! Way to sniff those ring out.

    1. Thank you Mike! It sure is! I love this hobby!HH!

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