Lost engagement ring in LBI New Jersey Found By Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Got a late night text message from a woman named Maryann on behalf of her niece Alyssa. Earlier in the day while at the beach she lost her engagement ring and was devastated. Her aunt had found me on the ring finders page doing a google search. I went out there the next day to see if i can help. They kept the area where they were sitting open for me so i began to search there. No luck so i then gridded down the slope. Still nothing. Next i went into the water even though it was high tide and beginning to fall i figured now or never. They were sure it was in the water. After about an hour in the water it still was not turning up. I told them i would come back again later that night when the rest of the people were gone to further search the dry sand. In the meantime i told her i would grid the dry a bit from behind the people at the towel line to the entrance and then the pathway. They still were convinced it was in the water but said ok, If you want to.. I then did a 5 line grid to the entrance and again nothing. Almost 4hrs now searching..Ok, Now the path on my way out. There is a tall dune, Then it drops down then back up again to the street. Once i got down to the dip i then get a very nice solid tone and a 12.03-12.04 on my Ctx. Sounds too good to be foil.. I took out a scoop and gave the sand a kick and staring back at me is this big beautiful platinum diamond ring! Bam! I walked back over the dune to where they were and saw them still looking around in the water (One of them even had a hand sifter hoping to catch it) I smiled at her cousins as i waited for Alyssa to turn around. Once she did and saw me i motioned for her to come over. Once she got close i held up the ring. She had a look of disbelief until she got closer and realized i was holding her ring! She immediately started to cry tears of joy and hugged me while thanking me over and over. Her Uncle and Aunt came over and did the same. All the people around us were giving praise. I even went back to their house with them for a cold drink and got even more hugs from them and the rest of the family. It was so wonderful being able to get it back to her. Love this Hobby!!

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4 Replies to “Lost engagement ring in LBI New Jersey Found By Matt St.Germain”

  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Great work Matt. Kept on searching even after several hours!! Results and response were great.

  2. Maryann Panzera says:

    I am so glad I texted you that night (even though it was 1:00 in the morning!). You answered me right away and came the next day to LBI. You never gave up after quite a few hours, even though we did, and never thought we’d see that ring again! We all truly think it was a miracle that you found my niece’s ring. You did a beautiful thing and we will always be grateful to you. God Bless!!

    1. I am glad you texted me also. I am very happy i was able to find it and return it to Alyssa where it belongs! Persistence combined with a miracle made it happen!. It was a wonderful experience to find it for her and to meet your family. It made my day to see all of your reactions when i found it. Thank you for the opportunity to help! Best wishes to her and her fiance’ on their journey! God Bless you and your family!

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