Wedding band recovered! Rochester New York

from Rochester (New York, United States)
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Hello all!

Just wanted to share a neat story with everyone. I received a call from Alex on Thursday 5/21 about a lost ring. I asked Alex for some details on what happened, and was a bit concerned to hear that he wasn’t quite sure where it was lost. He explained he had taken it off before he mowed his lawn, and placed it in his pocket, and at some point during his yardwork, the ring went MIA. I agreed to meet Alex on Saturday afternoon to take a look. I arrived Saturday morning and met Alex and his wife, Jenna. Very friendly people. I once again asked Alex to try to recreate what he thought happened and was still left with a vague start. So I grabbed my detector and tried to get lucky in a couple spots before laying out my grid lines. No luck. So I started in the front yard, being extra careful to check every single signal with the vibraprobe. Took me a good two or three hours of searching. I was beginning to think the ring wasn’t in the yard. I was about to give up but decided to check the backyard. There was a metal dog fence up that was making my detector go off with every swing, when I noticed a nice signal that was in between swings. I pinpointed the signal and looked down and there was the ring. I was ecstatic to go break the good news. I walked up to Alex and Jenna, who were unaware I had found it and I said I was so sorry, but I ended up finding the ring… Seemed like a good time for a little deception. They were beyond happy, and both sported a look of complete disbelief. What a nice moment. So thank you Alex and Jenna for using the ringfinders and thanks for the generous reward!! Take care!


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Matt…Glad you checked the back yard! Great smile you found there!

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