Summer Solstice recovery Rochester, NY

from Rochester (New York, United States)
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Hello all,

So I received a call from Joe last week about a lost ring in a park. Upon listening to the story, I was immediately intrigued, and confident we would be successful. So I agreed to make the hour and fifteen minute drive to help him find the rogue ring…

Upon my arrival Saturday morning, I was greeted by Joe with a handshake and a smile, along with a million thank yous for making the trip. An extremely likable fellow. So I wanted a little more detail about how he lost the ring and asked Joe to elaborate. Joe explained that he was teaching his son how to make and use a hand drill to make fire in a survival situation. He seemed well versed in knowing survival skills and had a vast knowledge of the outdoors. He removed the ring and placed it on his boot so he could get the proper friction necessary to be successful with starting the fire. Upon leaving the trail, he walked a ways and had that all too familiar feeling of losing something important.

I grabbed my gear out of the car and started following Joe to where he had lost it. I took about 10 steps into the trail and was flagged down by a park ranger, who immediately told me there was no metal detecting in NY state parks. We were crushed. I pulled the ranger aside and explained our situation and after some careful convincing, the ranger agreed to let us look if he supervised. What a relief.

So we walked a good mile down the trail to where Joe was. I turned on my detector. Placed my headphones on. First swing of the coil was a great signal. Bingo! There it was. Even the park ranger was wearing a smile after that walk. Joe throws his hands up in the air and some high fiving and hugs were exchanged. What a great feeling. I love what I do. 


Thanks Joe for using The Ring Finders and thanks for the very generous reward!!



Matt McDonald








3 Replies to “Summer Solstice recovery Rochester, NY”

  1. Mark Ellis says:

    Nice find Matt..!!!

    Good thing you sweet talked the park ranger.


  2. Chris Turner says:

    It sounds like it’s important to give the Park Ranger a heads up that you are coming in to help. Maybe next time have the person who lost the ring get permission first. Have them tell the Park Ranger that there will be no digging involved. Most every recent loss just requires a detector and or pin pointer…

    Great going on your first recovery Matt.

    Best, Chris

  3. Lynda Bell says:

    Way to go Matt!

    Looks like you have another happy ‘camper’ reunited with their treasure. Keep up the great finds.


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