Ring Lost in Tulsa,Oklahoma Found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Got a text from Blake and he said do u help find rings? I said yes I do what can I do for you ? He stated he had lost his ring making a rock pad for a hot tub I asked Blake what had happened he said he had mud on his hands and went to shake his hands and yes it happened his ring came off…  So I searched just in front of the hot tub pad nothing….  I asked him again what had happened this time he said he heard a ping when his ring hit the ground….  I said ok let’s keep looking still nothing.. I asked him just out of curiosity did u look under the hot tub???  He said yes but there are leaves under I said don’t use your blower on fast go slow…. Yup sure enough there was Blake’s ring… as you can tell by the picture he was a happy camper.. thanks Blake for getting ahold of me when I did….

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