Wedding Ring Lost At Home ??? Found At Park In Stillwater, Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a call from a worried Kelly, about her lost wedding ring. I asked her what had happened. She said she pushing her boys on the swing out back behind her house not a big area… Before that she was at the park with her two boys playing with them… I asked her what the percentage was she believed the ring slipped off her hand, and was at her house in the backyard… She said absolutely 90%. The other 10% worried me… I searched her backyard for 45 minutes nothing. I covered the ground again from every direction (west east north south) nothing… I asked her husband Tyler (Kelly was working at the time and couldn’t meet so her husband met me ) is there anywhere else she mite have lost it he said yes two places I searched her vehicle nothing… Then we went to the park we’re they had been playing , I searched for about 15 minutes and that sweet sound was heard… I looked back and shining at me was her gorgeous ring… I looked up to see  her husband searching over we’re the car had been… I quickly picked up the ring and kept swinging my machine to were he was… I told him it’s not at the house we searched  there…  I said it’s not in the wood chip pile were the boys were playing… He said well we gave it a shot… I said it’s not there because it’s… And I just stood there holding his wife’s Ring.  He said Wow I thought it was gone forever..

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