• from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a call from Deboraugh Sunday evening about her lost engagement ring and wedding ring that were together. She told me that she was putting lotion on while in her vehicle traveling and her husband distracted her and THATS the last she remembered. She stated she had stopped at a number of places here in town. I said ok I can come search Monday after work. When I met her at the meeting place I searched her vehicle three times. So now we went out to the first place she stopped at along side the highway no luck. So home I went and thought about her ring’s. Deboraugh got sick and I didn’t here from her for two days. Then I receive her call again- desperate to find the rings. I said ok we will give it a shot at the other place she stopped at again no luck. So I called her and said I had no luck. She just happened to be a few miles from me so I met her. I looked on the passenger side of the vehicle and stopped and asked her what side were you on when you lost it. She said I was driving. I checked under the seat cover and down the sides and everywhere else then checked under the seat no ring I said I have to find this ring. Under her seat tucked up under a little compartment was some odd and ends nothing yet so I reached my hand as far as could to the back of the compartment and I pull what was there and guess what the ring popped out and I couldn’t believe it myself. I asked her does your ring look like this. She started crying and she said oh my gosh. She called her husband and he said no way. Persistence paid off for finding the ring and advice from a friend. Thanks for getting ahold of me DEBORAUGH to find your rings….