• from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I sat down to relax Saturday evening about 7:30pm and received a call from Jeremy. He said he lost his ring in at lake heyburn in Kellyville,Oklahoma…. I asked him how deep it was and he said about waist deep…. I said ok I said let me get on the road as it was a 45 minute drive to lake heyburn. We had about thirty minutes of daylight but that didn’t matter I had a good steam light flashlight…. I searched the area were he said he was in after two and a half hours no ring…. So while Jeremy was on the phone I searched outside of the area were he was at… I was walking back towards shore about 10:45 pm and I was swinging my detector and listening for the tone of the ring 💍 and looking with my flashlight… I looked to see were Jeremy was I saw his ring in ankle deep water and snatched his ring up…. I said we’re going to call it quits for tonight I’m done he said ok then I said we’re done because I found your ring he said no way I said yup here it is. The smile said it all,thanks Jeremy for the generous reward…