Ring Lost At Keystone Lake Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Received a call from Joe about his wedding ring. He said he had lost it at keystone lake in Tulsa, Oklahoma and needed help to find it. I asked joe what had happened. He said he was playing with his kids and throwing a ball and off flew his ring 💍. He said he was in about four foot of water at the most. When we got to the beach area after a half mile walk he showed me the place that he lost it at. I asked him to stand at about the place were it went flew off his hand. Joe didn’t move from that spot. His kids and relatives decided to help for a bit. After awhile they left to play. While I was searching for his ring — decided to switch to my new metal detector (the PL-iking 750 pulse induction). After about an hour switched to a different area close buy and got a very good signal with the new detector. I reached down and in about three feet of water felt the shape of joe’s ring, when he wasn’t looking I said joe call your wife over here please. He was waiting for her and I pointed here she comes he turned and looked at me and I had his ring on the end of my finger. I didn’t say a word joe couldn’t believe it he thought it was gone. The smile he had was awesome. Thanks joe for the nice reward…..

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  1. Joe says:

    I am so fortunate to have found Matt Boevers on Ringfinders. I searched for my ring in the mud for 6-7 hours. 4 others in the family also extensively searched. It was buried in clay/mud and I would never have found it without Matt.

    Matt was very responsive and flexible as we found a meet time to search the lake. He was kind, patient, and determined to find the ring. He had a professional investigative process to learn where the ring may be located and it was several feet away from where I thought it would be! I was so excited to see my wedding ring again! Thank you so much Matt!

  2. Matt Boevers says:

    Thanks JOE

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