Ring Lost In Pond Since April in Shawnee , Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a call from Cameron about his wedding ring… He had said he lost it 8 months ago. I asked him why did u wait so long to get ahold of me… He said he thought it would never be found and he kept putting it off. I got directions as it was an hour and a half drive to his location. When I got there he showed me the pond where he lost it at. I told him let me get my gear and we headed to the pond about 25 yards from my truck. I asked him again to see if his story changed. He said he was in his was in his cayak and it started to tip over at the edge of the pond. So he put his hand down to keep from tipping over. When his hand came out of the mud his ring was gone. The second signal I got was his ring it took us longer to walk to the pond (water was down). I said here it is I’m not kidding 30 seconds and it was back in his hands. Cameron put me right on the spot we’re it was lost. Thank you for the reward.